Demand Side Platform "Bypass"


  • [New!] Bypass, Ad Platform corresponding to multi-device!!

    Bypass realizes maximization of advertisement effect by various targeting and a high-performance optimization engine.


  • [Global Support] A global platform that makes world-wide delivery possible

    With our world-wide network of partnerships, we can provide full support to advertisers wanting to market globally.


  • [FREE!] Account registration and system access for free

    A simple interface allows for easy daily management of ad serving. *We will only bill for ads delivered through the Bypass system.


FREE Operating Costs!! LET'S BEGIN NOW!!

What is Bypass?

Bypass, Ad Platform corresponding to multi-device!!

We have the largest inventory available in Japan, coupled with precise targeting and a highly optimized engine.
Maximize the results of your ads and make your operations more efficient.



Make ad purchases at the best price
for your target users.

RTB(Real Time Bidding)discerns the quality and conditions of each impression and
creates a system where advertisers can bid in real time.



Campaign Management

Unify Complex Ad Purchasing and Performance

Various mediums and ad networks can be used to set up, publish, and manage complex campaigns.
With Bypass's integrated managing interface, operating can be done on one screen.


The largest ad items

An Open RTB Based Platform

Bypass is a highly open platform which allows for tie-ins to SSP/Ad exchange,
3rd party ad server delivery, effectiveness measuring tools, and DMP.


Automatic Ad optimization?

Detailed Ad Effectiveness Estimation and Ad Optimization

Bypass uses a multivariate analysis for each impression.
Highly precise ad effectiveness estimations with optimization maximize overall ad effectiveness.



Optimized Ad Serving Based on Outstanding Analysis Algorithm

Several variables estimate each impression and its effectiveness.
Bidding occurs by CPA, making ads automatically more effective and precise with the optimization system.



Analytic Solutions

Full Reporting Function Available in Real Time

Location, date and time, creative, etc. diverse reporting lets for a finer level of ad effectiveness analysis.



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